From RDAs to LEPs

by Michael Izza on 02.04.2012 03:34

Last weekend (Saturday) saw the official operational closure of the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs).


The RDAs have been in existence for a long time and some valued experience and expertise will of course be lost.


The pressure is now on Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to step up to the challenge and start delivering. They have had a year to get up and running and now government, business and the local community want to see action.


For example, exports are critical to economic growth and this an area that LEPs should be able to help with. It is in subject areas like this that LEPs have the opportunity to prove themselves. They are of course independent and of a voluntary nature but it is a crucial challenge to ensure that no business that approaches them for advice is left feeling short-changed.


For now, the RDAs are no more and a new regional structure for business growth is in place.


Time will tell whether it is a success or not.