Access webinar resources: Bulldogs & Bloodhounds - Challenge without Confrontation webinar 14 July 2010

by Lisa Barnett on 12.07.2010 10:27
The NED SIG hosted this webinar on 14 July 2010 with the aim of reaching more members remotely with this interactive live event. The webinar was free to all ICAEW members and other interested parties.

Access the recording and presentation slides



  • Here is a copy of the recording - it contains the entire presentation, as well as the Q&A session at the end. The recording opens up in Windows Media Player.
  • Here is a copy of the presentation that accompanied the webinar
  • Here is the Q&A document which has the questions plus the answers from the interaction at the end

Webinar topic

The new Government statements advocating greater diversity on boards can focus opportunity to address not only gender, but also diversity of thought, experience and personalities. High performing board members will harness this concept in its wider sense to effectively manage and evidence their decision making.

This webinar is specifically aimed at board non-executive directors, finance directors, chairs and members of audit committees.

The discussions will focus on:

  • Managing the tension between effective board 'challenge' without being challenging
  • Understanding how to ensure board support whilst effecting real change
  • Practical methods to evidence your role as a high performing and effective board member
  • The main implications of the new Combined Code
The webinar was presented by Deborah Harris and chaired by Paul Gibson.

More information about webinars

A webinar is a way for you to see and hear a presentation live online. There will normally be one presenter who will be taking you through a powerpoint presentation, followed by a live Q & A. You can type your questions at anytime during the webinar which will be answered once the presentation is over. 

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