Telephone numbers for HMRC

by Tax Faculty Team on 26.02.2010 12:29

Different numbers for different taxes or problems

[UPDATE as at9 July 2012:

In June 2012 the ICAEW Tax Faculty produced a useful guide on how to contact HMRC. The guide is designed to help agents quickly find the part of HMRC they need. It includes lists of useful HMRC telephone numbers, postal addresses, electronic forms and website links. It also provides information and tips on the best way to contact HMRC. Our new guide is called ICAEW TAXtools1. It is freely available (and not just restricted to Tax Faculty members). You can save it as a pdf or print it to keep on your desk.]

The proliferation of helpline services from HMRC can make it difficult to know where to turn with a problem. We have asked the Working Together team to list for us the telephone contact details our members might need most often.


VAT and EU VAT - Online VAT Online Services

0845 010 8500

VAT Online Services

Advice on Enrolment, activation and submission enquiries


VAT (including EU VAT) VAT Advice Line

0845 010 9000

VAT Advice Line

General VAT queries, European Community Sales Lists, European Union (EU) VAT, Reverse Charge Sales List (RCSL) enquiries


Paying HMRC Payment Enquiry Helpline

0845 366 7816

Payment Enquiry Helpline

Payment enquiries for Individuals, Employers and Businesses


Agent priority and dedicated helpline

Agent priority and dedicated lines

For personal self assessment tax affairs, partnership issues and PAYE for individuals. The Taxes Contact Centre you need to call will depend on your client's tax office.


Pay As You Earn (PAYE) - Employers Employer Helpline

08457 143 143

Employers Helpline

Advice for employers on:

  • PAYE and National Insurance contributions
  • Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity and Paternity Pay
  • Stakeholder pensions, student loan repayments and the Construction Industry Scheme

Self Assessment Helpline (SA) Self Assessment Helpline

0845 900 0444

Self Assessment Helpline

General helpline – not specific to agents. For advice completing Self Assessment tax returns and general advice about Self Assessment