PAYE notices

by Tax Faculty Team on 17.04.2012 05:19

Update your PAYE Desktop Viewer now


HMRC has updated its PAYE Desktop Viewer (PDV) application and all users should download and install the new version of the software now to ensure that they can view the latest versions of codes and notices.


PDV is an application that you download from HMRC and install on your desktop PC or laptop. It is particularly suitable for employers and agents who receive a lot of codes and notices during the year.


Once you've installed the PDV you can use it to download your notices and PAYE code numbers and view them offline. The notices that the PDV can download and view are:       

  • P6 - Notice of an employee's tax code
  • P6B - Notice of an employee’s tax code following the Budget
  • P9 (Bulk issue) - Notice of an employee's tax code for the new tax year
  • P9 (Daily issue) - Notice of an employee's tax code for the year
  • SL1 - Notice to start student loan deductions
  • SL2 - Notice to stop student loan deductions
  • reminders for Employer Annual Returns and any payments due
  • notifications and incentive letters  

Please note that because the downloaded information is stored locally on your computer you must be careful to protect it.