How to contact HMRC – a Tax Faculty guide for agents

by Tax Faculty Team on 06.07.2012 17:33

Our new “ICAEW TAXtools 1” gives useful HMRC phone numbers, addresses, website links, and more 

The ICAEW Tax Faculty has produced a useful guide on how to contact HMRC. The guide is designed to help agents quickly find the part of HMRC they need. It includes lists of useful HMRC telephone numbers, postal addresses, electronic forms and website links. It also provides information and tips on the best way to contact HMRC. 

Our new guide is called ICAEW TAXtools1It is freely available (and not just restricted to Tax Faculty members). You can save it as a pdf or print it to keep on your desk. 

ICAEW TAXtools 1 aims to help you understand how best to contact HMRC and what services are available for agents. We have prepared it in response to an increasing number of requests for help from ICAEW members who were unsure how best to resolve issues with HMRC. We also know, from our own feedback and from HMRC’s visits to agents (as part of the Action on HMRC service issues initiative), that many were unaware of the Agent dedicated lines (ADLs) and the Agent Account manager(AAM) service which were set up specifically to help agents.  

This guide is part of ICAEW’s contribution to the Action on HMRC service issues initiative to help improve HMRC’s standards. More information on this initiative can be found at: 

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