Problems paying HMRC using the Santander Bill Pay service

by Tax Faculty Team on 31.01.2013 15:12

Interest and penalties will be waived – and there are other ways to pay tax 

HMRC has told us that there are problems with the Bank of Santander’s Bill Pay service that taxpayers use to pay their tax by credit card or debit card.  

HMRC has issued a statement giving advice on other ways to pay, and confirming that payment made late because of this problem will not incur interest or penalties. 

The full HMRC statement is: 

“The Bank of Santander is having problems with their Bill Pay service that customers use to pay their tax by credit card or debit card. We are working with them to sort this out. 

There are other ways you can pay us. These are: 

You can find out more about these other methods of payment at: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/payinghmrc/selfassessment.htm

Please continue to try to pay us, but if your payment is late because of the problems Santander is experiencing you will not have to pay a penalty or interest for late payment. 

You can still send us your tax return as usual.” 

There is also guidance on paying tax in the Tax Faculty’s TAXtools 3 – Practical guidance on paying HMRC