Basic PAYE Tools RTI

by Tax Faculty Team on 01.11.2013 14:17

Latest update now available for download

Basic PAYE Tools RTI has been updated - version 13.2.13232 is now available for users of Windows and Linux operating systems and version 13.2.13231 is available for users of the Mac operating system

Basic PAYE Tools RTI is HMRC’s free payroll product for employers with nine or fewer employees. It can be used to work out payroll deductions and to produce the submissions you need to send to HMRC.

It is important that you are using the latest version of the Basic PAYE Tools RTI - otherwise you may be operating PAYE incorrectly.

To check the version you are using, open the Basic PAYE Tools RTI for 2013/14. The version number is shown in the bottom left corner of the Home page. Once you've installed Basic PAYE Tools, if your computer is connected to the internet when you open the tools, you will be automatically advised if an update is available.

If you have automatic updates switched off, you can still check for updates manually. To do this open the Basic PAYE Tools RTI for 2013/14, select 'Settings' then 'Update' then 'Check now'.