Government Gateway Login compromised – be vigilant

by Tax Faculty Team on 03.02.2014 20:54

Fraudulent tax returns submitted

We have been alerted by one of our members to a recurrence of a fraud we have seen before. It seems the agent’s Government Gateway login details were compromised last week with the result that some tax returns were filed online by fraudsters.

Using a now familiar pattern, the tax returns declared a modest level of income and produced a tax refund of just under £3,000. HMRC has stopped the repayments and is investigating. Meanwhile, beware. Change your passwords regularly and be alert.

This appears similar to a previous VAT phishing attack reported recently. Our news item at the time provided some useful advice from HMRC regarding on line security.

You may also find some helpful guidance in the latest from HMRC on its Agent blog

Please note, the HMRC news item Make sure your business is cyber-streetwise is unrelated to the current security breach outlined in this news item.