Self assessment tax repayments - do you have to phone HMRC to get them processed?

by Tax Faculty Team on 29.03.2011 14:44

 We have had some reports of self assessment tax repayments being inhibited, and only released when a call is made to HMRC. We are concerned that there may be delays in processing refunds and would like to hear your experiences. If the problem is widespread we want to give feedback to HMRC.


Repayments arising from online filing of self assessment returns may be inhibited (ie stopped) for a variety of reasons, and HMRC staff have to look at them before they can be released.


In one report a member told us that when they telephoned the agent dedicated lines to chase an inhibited repayment for a client, they were informed that contact centre staff are not allowed to say why the repayment has been inhibited.


For more information

Tax Faculty members can find more information about repayments and why they may be inhibited in TAXline briefings: March 2009 “Where is my repayment?” and June 2009 “More about delayed repayments”


The HMRC Self Assessment Manuals has information at SAM113010 – Repayments: repayment work lists: w030 inhibited automatic repayments work list


Have you had the same experience recently?

If so please post a comment indicating:


  • The type and amount of the repayment
  • If the repayment was released only following a call to HMRC, and
  • Why the repayment was withheld, if known