Tax repayments – are delays caused only by HMRC security checks?

by Tax Faculty Team on 15.11.2011 07:10

HMRC and the professional bodies, as part of the Action on Service Issues initiative, are proposing to look at the reasons for delays in processing repayments for non-SA cases. We will also review the processes surrounding these repayments. This work develops the work already done through the Working Together Steering Group.


For your information we give below the links to earlier posts on repayment delays.


Action on HMRC service standards

Is HMRC processing tax repayments in four weeks?

Coding problem – PAYE refund incorrectly sent before SA return submitted – any other examples?


We are interested to hear if these delays still exist or if repayments are now being processed promptly.


Please post your comments below. We’d like to know about fast processing of repayments and about delays. Please give examples – and if there are delays, please state the circumstances, the length of the delay and if known, the reason given for it.


In particular, we’d like to know if any continuing delays are due to HMRC security checks, or if there are other reasons.