HMRC post delays – Is it taking HMRC a long time to reply in 2012?

by Tax Faculty Team on 03.02.2012 05:42

We have received reports from agents that HMRC is processing post faster.


We hope that this feedback is an indication of an overall improvement in the service and not just isolated instances. It may be that turnaround times are faster for a certain type of tax, type of letter or form, but not for others.


What is your view? Post a comment  


Let us know whether you had a fast reply or are still experiencing long delays. Please include

·         the date of the letter,

·         reason for the letter, and

·         how long it took to reply.


Your comments will help HMRC focus their attention on the most problematic areas.


The Action on service issues statement issued by HMRC and the joint professional bodies in December 2011 sets out the original commitment in September 2011 made by HMRC to improve post processes and other service standards, including a programme of work going forward. Since the initiative started HMRC has instigated a review of all its post processes to identify problem areas. Part of the work on post processes is developing the work of Working Together - Post working group, formed in October 2010, where agents are helping HMRC to see the agent and public perspective. See Action on HMRC service issues - update at 19 December 2011 for progress on the initiative.