Charity Business leaves charity clients without services

by Priya Hirani on 23.01.2012 03:43

As you might be aware, Charity Business (CB) the outsourcing company that went into administration last week has left around 200 charity clients without services ranging from payroll to a full finance directorate. Charity Business has handed over financial data of 48 charity clients to Cambridge House, the London poverty and social change charity. Cambridge House was a customer of Charity Business and recovered the data of other clients when it was given access to its own records last week.


If you have been affected by this and you are currently in the process of looking for an experienced accountant in the charity and voluntary sector, you may find our online DChA register search facility useful. This free register provides a list of individuals who have been awarded ICAEW’s Diploma in Charity Accounting(DChA). The Diploma in Charity Accounting is only awarded to those who can demonstrate a high level of competence in charity accounting and financial management.


We also provide essential resources and knowledge Charity resources flyer.pdf to support the many charities and voluntary sector organisations we work with. We do hope this can be of help and should you need any advice or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.