IT Counts


What is one of the programs that accountants tend to load up as soon as the PC boots up in the morning- or perhaps it starts automatically? I would hazard a guess that Excel falls into this category.

However, this is not always the right tool for ...

The hotel industry is just one where the effective use of IT changes the service delivery. However, IT can change the service delivery in practically any business and these changes can be hugely disruptive in the particular marketplace. You just nee...

We’ve been talking a lot about the blockchain over the last few months. But what would an economy built on blockchains means for accountants and auditors? That is the question we will ask in an event on June 20,  in conjunction with the A...

Panama Papers

by Leo Waldock on 13.05.2016 17:46

You're an accountant so no doubt you have searched the Panama Papers database for names or locations of interest, and you may have searched Offshore Leaks.

This super-handy search tool makes it easy peasy to search both databases for person...


iPhone goes 64-bit

by Leo Waldock on 11.05.2016 14:11

It took Microsoft many years to make the transition to 64-bit software but Apple is doing the job much faster. There was a curiosity 64-bit version of Windows XP in 2002 or 2003 that offered no tangible benefit over 32-bit and now in 2016 we are...


To change or not to change?

by Mark Taylor on 06.05.2016 13:47
Yesterday was World Password Day.  During which I encouraged you to think about pass phrases and possibly change them.

What does automation actually mean to you?

There are various degrees of automation-some will be used without even considering it to be automation. However, not everyone accepts these processes.

We look at a couple of commonly automated processes...


Encrypted drives

by Leo Waldock on 01.05.2016 17:50

A former Policeman in the USA has been in jail for seven months for refusing to hand over the encryption keys for two of his hard drives. The allegation is that the drives contain child porn and the guy seems guy to prevent law enforcement from ...


Hacking banks

by Leo Waldock on 01.05.2016 14:41

There are reports that Qatar National Bank has been hacked and has suffered a massive data dump of 1.4GB of data.

That is a LOT of documents.

QNB Group has issued a 'no comment' from Doha.

The size of the apparent security breach is hu...