IT Counts


With the tax return season over and the day to day pressures easing having caught up with most of the things postponed until February, how about a bit of light relief?

The Internet of Things is moving dramatically – and you can link "things...


There are many questions I ask clients or potential clients when discussing accounting systems and methods. However, I can pretty well guarantee what the response will be to two of the questions; invariably it is the same answer each and every time....


As well as referring to cells by column and row, it is also possible to use the third available dimension - looking through the sheets of a workbook. In this example we have set up two sheets to act as bookends. We create the formula by starting...

With the stragglers having just approved the last tax returns today and the Submit button having been clicked, February brings an element of calm.  However, lots of things go by the wayside in January and get added to the “to do” li...


These days I don't think it possible to have a story about the Police or any event in public that doesn't involve mobile phone video footage.

This particular story involves a guy videoing a cop, whereafter the cop became unhappy. He arrested ...

Another gripe I’m afraid – I am obviously turning into a grumpy old man!

There appears to be no such thing as "it cannot be done" for those programming software these days. Anything is possible...but sometimes they can be too clever. ...


No privacy at work

by Leo Waldock on 15.01.2016 15:10

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled your boss can read all your private messages.

At least, that is the message you may have taken from the newspapers and radio, however the facts are somewhat different, If you are using a company c...


Was that the Doctor calling?

by Leo Waldock on 15.01.2016 14:31

Yesterday the land line rang at 8am and an automated voice said something like 'We have identified that someone in your household requires a flu vaccination. Please call 03333-325600 to arrange an appointment.'

There was no mention of our nam...


Top US intelligence man James Clapper had his phone hacked.

More accurately, it appears that Clapper had his Verizon account hacked and his calls were then forwarded to a political organisation. As a large number of Americans have Verizon acc...


What is spear phishing?

by Mark Taylor on 15.01.2016 12:02

Recently there have been more reports in the press about “spear phishing”. What is phishing and why is spear phishing potentially so dangerous?

Phishing is an attempt to gain sensitive information while posing as trustworthy authority. ...