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GoToMyPC has been hacked

by Leo Waldock on 20.06.2016 22:31

GoToMyPC has been hacked with the result that passwords have been reset. OK, so you have to go through the 'reset password' dance, but that isn't too much like hard work.

The snag is that GoToMyPC/Citrix hasn't felt the need to tell users ex...


Malware in Java

by Leo Waldock on 20.06.2016 22:10

SophosLabs tells us that some particularly nasty ransomware called RAA has broken cover.

This unpleasant piece of work follows the usual form where an email attachment that looks like a .DOC document runs a Macro command that starts an unple...


With the HMRC digital tax filing vision rapidly approaching its implementation (in one form or another) how will you deal with this and the changes that will inevitably be required?

Working in a digital way does require a change in mentality.....


Having written blogs in the last two weeks about ditching Excel based systems, someone has already leapt to its defence in a response even before I had chance to redress the balance.

Excel is a fantastic tool and I have probably spent the majority...

Following on from last week's blog posting- Excel - a great tool - but not always the right choice this posting considers one recent move away from Excel based systems to implement "proper" expenses management software. ...

What is one of the programs that accountants tend to load up as soon as the PC boots up in the morning- or perhaps it starts automatically? I would hazard a guess that Excel falls into this category.

However, this is not always the right tool for ...