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Automating Management Accounts

1. Introduction to the series and process

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. He clearly never had to prepare month end man...


You may have noticed that there is going to be a general election in the UK in May! With campaigning unofficially now underway, we’ve been wondering about the potential impact of technologies such as social media and data analytics on the campaign.


Following recent practice consultancy visits and conversations with clients, there are many ways of increasing efficiencies in the workplace. Much of this resolves around taking physical paper copies out of the loop. A quick (anonymous) survey on me...


Tapsnake scareware

by Leo Waldock on 08.01.2015 09:31

2015 has started with an annoyance.

Yesterday my wife waved her Google Nexus 5 at me and showed me a screen warning about a malware infection called Tapsnake. There was a single option for 'OK' to allegedly clear the infection.


I knew it ...


It is a common feature of Windows programs that there are often several ways of performing the same task.

The use of menus is one method, the use of icons is another option as are keyboard shortcuts.

What are the keyboard shorts you cannot live...


I hear it so often – “It does not take very long….” So how long does something have to take before it becomes an issue and it is recognised as taking a long time? “It only takes me an hour a week to do this task”...