IT Counts


Hard drive resurrection

by Leo Waldock on 11.11.2014 22:33

Last week I was a sad sight, all weepy and pathetic as my sick hard drive was couriered off to Amsterdam.

And now I have it back.

Or rather, I have my data back, which is the thing that really matters.

Seagate Recovery Services revi...


Just this week it was reported that Majestic is asking its suppliers for a 4p per bottle payment (until the end of April) to help fund the cost of a new distribution centre.Do you apply the same principles to recover your IT spend?


81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses - that was the percentage of businesses which suffered an information security breach according to the last BIS Information Security Breaches survey, published in May 2014. Have those numbers gone ...


Halloween Hard Drive

by Leo Waldock on 02.11.2014 23:28

Although we have started November I am going to pretend the weekend counts as the end of October, and in that light I am going to end the month with a tale of woe.

In part I want to tell you a cautionary story so you learn from my appalli...


Microsoft has bowed to the inevitable and pulled the plug on the awful Windows 8.1, however it took the world by surprise when it announced the next version of Windows will be called 10 rather than 9.

You can read an oversight of Windows 10 h...


IT on holiday - revisited

by Kevin Salter on 01.11.2014 19:23

Back in August I wrote a blog posting on the use of IT whilst on holiday. Time for another break - what were the issues this month, and what innovative use of IT did I discover?

We’re launching our update to Audit Insights: Cyber Security today, with a panel session at the Parliament and Internet conference. And our key message is that businesses are improving their cyber security - but not fast enough. The gap b...
When we commissioned our Forecasting and Budgeting Software Product Guide two years ago, the faculty's Technical Committee felt that it would be useful to include some mention of Excel as an alternative to buying bespoke forecasting/budgeting softwa...

Apple and Google have managed to outrage James Comey, the current Director of the FBI. I imagine Microsoft and BlackBerry will add to Comey's woes and to this I say 'Good, pile it on boys.'

The source of the grief is that the phone companies ...


Bitcoin: Fad or Future?

by Kirstin Gillon on 23.10.2014 11:17
That is the question posed in this year’s IT faculty’s annual lecture, which will take place on the 12 November. There’s been no shortage of hype and skepticism about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. But I also sense...