IT Counts


Some years ago I contributed a post on restoring apparently missing Excel sheet tabs. That post has provoked quite a few comments including some questions on related issues. One of the most recent questions concerned retrieving a window that had dis...


As an accountant, what tasks frustrate you daily?

What do you know could be done better but isn't?

I recently spoke to someone who has been researching the accountancy market in the UK and he provided me with his list of “top pains...


BBC iPlayer

by Leo Waldock on 30.07.2014 15:50

BBC fails to tell us diddly squat about iPlayer outage

Last week the BBC suffered a major problem that took down its iPlayer streaming service and also, briefly, hammered its news website.

I listen to the radio via my PC while I work at ho...


BT Yahoo email outage

by Leo Waldock on 30.07.2014 11:12

Telecoms giant BT has apologised for problems with its email services.

Apparently this problem '...meant a minority of BT Mail customers weren’t able to access their email accounts in the past few days.'

This may or may not be true however...


The IT faculty were at the forefront of ICAEW's engagement with Africa again last week, as I travelled to Zimbabwe to speak at the Winter School of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe. It was the first time ICAEW had sent a speaker th...


Software in the firm (2)

by Kevin Salter on 25.07.2014 14:08

In last week's blog we considered the sheer number of products in use on the desktop. When the cloud based programs are factored in the list of software becomes even longer.

Just a few of the cloud offerings in use....


I've done a lot of work on cyber security in the UK over the last couple of years, so I’m very pleased for the opportunity to get some different perspectives on the issue from the US. I will be moderating a panel on the 9 August at the America...