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With our software, we can produce all sorts of output – reports, accounts, tax returns, payslips, correspondence and even bills sometimes. I would hazard a guess that paper distribution is still predominant - especially in payroll departments!...



Over the next few months we will continue to look at each of the ICAEW's Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice in turn. In case you haven't come across the Twenty Principles before, this article covers the launch event in Ju...


We probably spend the vast majority of each working day sat in front of computer screens processing data. However, the likelihood is that we are only using a fraction of the tools or the functionality that is available. How efficient or more product...


I do regular work for a particular tech website which recently suffered a problem. No names, no pack drill, we're looking at the technicalities here rather than having a gossip.

For the past couple of years this website ran from a single ser...


Facebook funds

by Leo Waldock on 20.03.2015 23:00

This is quite possibly the worst idea ever.

Facebook has announced it is rolling out a payment system in the USA for Android, iOS and desktop whereby you can transfer money to your chat friends.

Open the messenger, click on someone in you...