IT Counts


Ashley Madison

by Leo Waldock on 25.08.2015 15:53

Ashley Madison is (was?) a dating website with an interesting business model. I have linked to a more workplace friendly website to save you embarrassment. Anyway, for the time being Ashley Madison is a Canadian website specifically aimed at peo...


Spotify slurps your data

by Leo Waldock on 25.08.2015 14:15

Spotify has updated its privacy policy, which isn't really news. Every company updates its Terms & Conditions and privacy policy on an on-going basis. For that matter I am amazed by the blizzard of app updates on my phone. What the heck are all ...


Virgin goes all FON on me.

by Leo Waldock on 25.08.2015 12:36

When I am out and about I often notice a network called BT FON appears on the list of available Wi-Fi networks on my phone. I had assumed this was a network of Wi-Fi hotspots that BT had constructed up and down the country, but in fact these h...



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