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14. Never embed in a formula ...


When Windows 10 launches on 29th July it will do something new with Windows Updates as they will be installed whenever Microsoft deems necessary.

This, apparently, is news.

In practice we have been here for a while with Windows 8. If you ...


We have an in - house training and awareness session lined up shortly. This is something we look to do every 3 months or so. Why is this necessary?

What IT training and awareness do you provide? What do you find are the biggest issues? How o...


For another purpose recently, I was making a list of areas that need checking on a regular basis to monitor workflows and decide which task needs doing next. How many places do you need to look before you do some "real work"?


Working on the move - what sort of work do you manage to get done?


Windows 10 WiFi Sense

by Leo Waldock on 30.06.2015 18:52

You probably haven't heard about WiFi Sense which is a feature in the imminent Windows 10.

Then again, you probably haven't heard much about Windows 10, except that it is due to be launched on 29th July. When it comes to Windows 10 the mess...


I am concerned that Samsung may have lost its corporate mind. Last week it became apparent that Samsung had installed update software on its laptops that blocked Windows Update.

Samsung will now patch its Samsung Software Update utility to un...