Problems with BT Internet/ BT Yahoo email verification?

by Simon Hurst on 27.03.2008 05:03

If you use BT Internet or BT Yahoo for your email and have suddenly started having problems sending emails from email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird, then you might be a victim of a recent BT security enhancement. In mid-March BT upgraded their security to ' prevent emails from being sent from client applications (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc) when the "From" email address is not either a BT Yahoo! email address or a validated alternative email address'.

You might have the problem if you use one of the BT mail services and so your 'SMTP' server is set to a BT server, but the email address you use for the account is not a BT address – for example you@yourowndomain.co.uk. If you are affected, you should see a message referring to 'error 553' when you try and send emails, which will remain in your Outbox.

The solution is relatively straightforward. You need to set up a new mail account for the sending email address as one of your BT mail accounts. BT will then automatically send an email to that email address with a confirmation code – this ensures that you do indeed control the email address you have used. You enter the code to complete the verification of the additional account, and your email sending should start working again.

For full instructions have a look at the relevant BT email help

Of course, if you are a BT customer and haven't seen any error messages, but you've not had any replies to emails you've sent recently, you might just want to check your Outbox…