Little things...

by Rob Watson on 02.12.2008 03:58

Every now and again, a little application feature I didn't know was there jumps up and surprises me. It happened to me a couple of days ago when I was stuck in the regular delays on my commute.

Like many people, I tend to use my BlackBerry primarily as an inbox/new mail management device and use my commute only to delete spam mails and do quick one-liner replies.  I'm pretty good at filing my email - I tend to keep everything just in case I might need it one day and have a comprehensive and well organised folder hierarchy (a complete contrast to my paper filing it has to be said!)  Ask me to find a random email or report from 5 years ago and I can usually go straight to it without resorting to search.

Because of this, I rarely used the BB to file my mails, on the basis that navigating my 100 wide, 4 deep structure would be a nightmare with two thumbs. But, as I was sitting for an hour outside Rugby, I thought I might as well do something to stop the thumbs twiddling. So I started going through my inbox and filing stuff.

What happened took me by surprise. I filed one mail. I then filed the next mail and it had already selected the folder I was going to file it in. I did a double take, and assumed I had filed the previous mail there. Went to the next mail - again it chose the right folder!

It seems that the BB makes a semi intelligent guess of where to file things, presumably based on matching subject lines and maybe content. I reckon it second guessed me at least 80% of the time, not bad with several hundred folders to choose from.

It might be just a little thing, but it saved me countless navigation clicks, and I now think that filing my mails on the BB is more efficient that doing it in Outlook. I'm easily pleased.

What little software feature has surprised you recently?