Playstation network hacked

by Rob Watson on 28.04.2011 04:41

If you have kids it can't have escaped your notice that the PlayStation network has been down for a few days due to a major security incident. As if it was only to prove the point I made in a previous comment - however reputable the companies you deal with, you should plan on being hacked at some point, and you will be judged on how well you handle the communications.

The average PSN punter seems to be more concerned that they haven't had their daily games fix than someone stealing their identity. The Q+A makes for some interesting reading.

- They are "moving our network infrastructure and data center to a new, more secure location". Like having a secure data centre was an afterthought in designing an online system for 70 million users....

- they believe the hacker has obtained user passwords. So Sony happily designed a system that stores your passwords in plain text. Wrong - unbelievably wrong in this day and age.

It all goes to show how even at the level of a huge consumer network service, security due diligence goes out of the window in favour of convenience or commercial pressure.