Tracking a stolen iPhone

by Leo Waldock on 21.07.2011 10:41
I'm not certain whether this is genius or scary but this video is well worth a  few minutes of your time.


The story is that a colleague of Brian House had her iPhone stolen in Los Angeles. The thief kept the iPhone for five days and then ransomed it back to her. Once she got it back the wonderfully named Mr. House used the location data that is stored on the iPhone and linked the data with Google Street View. 

The result is a series of photos that show the location of the stolen iPhone as seen by the Street View car when the area was mapped.

These photos were joined together in a slideshow that is, to all intents and purposes, a video of the iPhone's travels, almost as though the phone was looking out of the window of the car.

It's rather spooky to see and drives home the point that the iPhone and, presumably, many other gadgets log a huge amount of data about you. It's one thing seeing a table of GPS co-ordinates but this video is a completely different kettle of fish.