Today is Safer Internet day!

by Richard Anning on 07.02.2012 08:37
Anything that draws attention to working safer online is worth supporting, so today’s Safer Internet Day, particularly with its theme of ‘connecting generations’, is worth outlining. It is also good to see packs of activities for schools – the younger generation may be internet savvy, but they have a way to go before being privacy savvy.

At the faculty, information security is an underlying theme of the work that we do and we have produced a number of publications for our members including 'Bringing employee personal devices into the business - a guide to IT consumerisation', 'Information Security Myths and Reality' and 'Dealing with Internet Security Threats'. Although aimed at faculty members, the last helpsheet is open to all in the spirit of the day (‘spread the love’ as raceoneline2012 puts it!).

Trust is the theme of our latest thought leadership report ‘Building Trust in the Digital Age’, which brings together business and academic thinking on three areas of concern for businesses and individuals – information security, privacy and intellectual property. It summarises good practices which can help to manage information-related risks and argues that good practices alone are not enough. The report outlines a framework for looking at these issues, outlining a number of actions for creating trust and value.

For those that want to spread the love further, raceonline2012 shows various ways of getting involved. We can also perhaps run through some of the suggested activities with the kids when we get home tonight.