Secure IT


When you contact your banking website or any sort of secure site where you enter a password you will doubtless notice the http at the start of the URL changes to https. The 's' stands for 'Secure' and means the HTTP protocol has been layered on ...

Following on from BIS’s consultation and call for evidence last year on a preferred organisational standard for cyber security, the government has just published the Cyber Essentials Scheme. This consists of a set of requirements for basic tec...

Malware on Android

by Leo Waldock on 26.03.2014 19:17

This'll be the Finnish of me,

If you have ten minutes to spare I'd like to suggest you take a look at the F-Secure threat report, available as a free PDF download here.

In case you haven't guessed, F-Secure is a Finnish company, hence the ...


Making it easy to get paid

by Kevin Salter on 15.03.2014 20:12
Cash is King is often heard in business. We as accountants in practice are running a business just as accountants in industry are doing. Our clients run businesses too. We all want to get paid.

Just how difficult is it for me to pay you (or you t...


Keep taking the tablets

by Leo Waldock on 14.03.2014 17:00

Earlier this week I had a conversation with Richard Anning, the Head of the IT Faculty about vectors of attack for the iPad and other tablets. What he actually said was ' There has been a lot in the US press about hackers attacking Non-Executive...



by Leo Waldock on 06.03.2014 22:37

I don't have much time for Bitcoin, mainly because I don't really understand the concept. No doubt you accountants have a better handle on things but here's the best I can do.

You cannot trade your sterling for a piece of gold, and even if you ...


Uroburos malware

by Leo Waldock on 06.03.2014 22:05

German security company G Data has reported on a new piece of malware.

The name of this software is Uroburos, which is a predatory mythical creature. The malware employs a couple of neat tricks as it creates an encrypted file system that p...


Do you trust Bitcoin?

by Richard Anning on 26.02.2014 16:32

In the week that leading Bitcoin exchange house MtGox has gone offline, with the possible loss of several hundred million dollars worth of customers’ money, it is perhaps time to draw breath and consider if Bitcoin really is a currency of the future...


There's a new piece of malware in the prowl called TheMoon that is guaranteed never to reach your PC, Mac, laptop or phone.

The reason for this unusual behaviour is that TheMoon infects vulnerable Linksys routers so it infects the junctions o...


Deloitte and Autonomy

by Leo Waldock on 20.02.2014 17:58

In August 2011 computer giant HP paid a colossal US$11.7bn (£7.1bn)

for UK software company Autonomy. The following year HP made a colossal write-down of US$8.8bn on the acquisition which I c...