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Encrypted drives

by Leo Waldock on 01.05.2016 17:50

A former Policeman in the USA has been in jail for seven months for refusing to hand over the encryption keys for two of his hard drives. The allegation is that the drives contain child porn and the guy seems guy to prevent law enforcement from ...


Hacking banks

by Leo Waldock on 01.05.2016 14:41

There are reports that Qatar National Bank has been hacked and has suffered a massive data dump of 1.4GB of data.

That is a LOT of documents.

QNB Group has issued a 'no comment' from Doha.

The size of the apparent security breach is hu...

Unwanted spam and phishing emails are very common these days. While most go straight into the junk folder some do get through. The NHS email system, one of the largest in the world, rejects around 10 million spam emails a day.
Recently it has been reported that at least one gang of cyber criminals are using threats to extort money from companies. They are demanding a ransom, via an email, in exchange for not launching an attack on a company website.

They say you judged in the first twenty seconds of meeting someone new. The same is true on the Internet. Your internet presence allows others to judge the impact you have within your chosen profession.


Apple QuickTime is dead

by Leo Waldock on 20.04.2016 22:44

Apple has ceased support for QuickTime for Windows. More accurately, the US Department for Homeland Security states that Trend Micro has reported that Apple has ceased support for the Windows version of QuickTime.

Anyway, the message is that...


Cameras with malware

by Leo Waldock on 12.04.2016 12:38

Not just cameras - that's SECURITY cameras with malware.

By now we all know that pretty much every electronic device uses firmware which is software that is flashed into memory. We also know that any device that is connected to a network could ...


Beware of lost USB drives

by Mark Taylor on 12.04.2016 09:59

A recent study suggests that many people who find a USB memory drive in the street will pick it up and plug into their computer.


This has the potential to be a very bad idea. Using a lost USB drive like this is the same as clicking on a link i...


Software has recently tended to look somewhat different. I guess there is probably a name for it but I guess it has its place – the move seems to be towards a clear crisp design with lots of icons and pictures and fewer words.

But occasionall...

An American court hearing was cancelled yesterday in a curious turn of events. The FBI has been fighting to compel Apple to unlock the iPhone that was used by San Bernadino gunman Syed Farook.

This case is slightly unusual in that officialdom...