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Software in the firm (2)

by Kevin Salter on 25.07.2014 14:08

In last week's blog we considered the sheer number of products in use on the desktop. When the cloud based programs are factored in the list of software becomes even longer.

Just a few of the cloud offerings in use....


I've done a lot of work on cyber security in the UK over the last couple of years, so I’m very pleased for the opportunity to get some different perspectives on the issue from the US. I will be moderating a panel on the 9 August at the America...


My recent blog post regarding working quicker, cheaper and better focused on time saving activities. This review was in conjunction with an IT presentation being prepared. There was another factor which struck a chord whilst doing this and that was ...

Yesterday evening I was shouting at the radio in that middle-aged way that the coverage of the Government reshuffle was completely over the top. Do we really need minute-by-minute coverage of which Minister for Paperclips has resigned or been fired?

Microsoft hates Windows 7

by Leo Waldock on 11.07.2014 19:45

Windows 7 is about to leave 'Mainstream support' and head into 'Extended support'

Tech website KitGuru (note: I do reviews for them) has reported that Microsoft has started the process of killing Windows 7.

Of course Microsoft doesn't des...


Using Templates in Excel 2013

by Dave White on 06.07.2014 10:44

Using a standard look and feel for each spreadsheet model that you create helps you and other users of the model to interpret the information it contains.

Elements of this look and feel are quite subtle - like using a standard width for columns c...

It's been suggested that it’s illegal to send client data by unencrypted email. Is that so? If you don't take cyber security seriously, your confidential client data could be in danger. What other kinds of security should you be prioritising? Regist...


by Leo Waldock on 28.06.2014 15:04

Our teenage lad is filling time around World Cup football matches by playing FIFA 14 on his Sony PS3.

If you are lucky you won't understand a word of that opening sentence but many readers of IT Counts will groan as they share my pain.



Cyber security in SMEs

by Kirstin Gillon on 26.06.2014 16:42

We regularly hear that smaller businesses are not very interested in cyber security and that this is creating weak links across supply chains. But why are they not interested? What is stopping them from adopting simple good practices? And what can w...


Card Not Present fraud

by Leo Waldock on 25.06.2014 10:44
Yesterday I ordered a £50 toner cartridge from Insight, a large and well established company, but one I haven't dealt with before.
This morning I received the following email:

Since the introduction of Chip and Pin we have seen a significant incr...