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Smart meters are very dumb

by Leo Waldock on 15.05.2015 18:35

If ever there was a technology that fails to live up to its name, that technology would be smart meters.

The idea is that a smart meter helps you to monitor your power usage and also sends usage information back to the power companies. It has...


You may not realise this but the graphics card in your PC or laptop is a small computer in its own right.

At a basic level the graphics card or graphics chip is responsible for displaying a nice picture on your screen. This is relatively easy...


Windows 10 goes Spartan

by Leo Waldock on 01.05.2015 16:08

Microsoft will release Windows 10 this Summer, perhaps as early as June.

Next year (and all we know is '2016') Microsoft will release Redstone which is an update to Windows 10 that will include hefty items such as the Spartan browser which h...


Ryanair loses $5 million

by Leo Waldock on 01.05.2015 07:44

News is leaking out that Ryanair has lost US$5 million.

The scam appears to centre around dollar funds that are used to buy aviation fuel, and by the look of things the Police have been involved to prevent the money vanishing into the ether.


D-Link router flaws

by Leo Waldock on 21.04.2015 22:31

D-Link makes some funky, fast and expensive routers, however it appears that D-Link has also made a grave error.

The problem lies within the firmware within each router which is a stripped down version of Linux that operates the router as...


Edward Snowden and passwords

by Leo Waldock on 21.04.2015 17:50

Edward Snowden, a man who knows plenty about Internet security, has some good advice for us.

This three minute video with John Oliver is worth watching for three reasons.

First it is funny and second it contains some wise words. The third ...


This question was posed a little while ago and a link to a survey was made available.

Now is a good time to revisit this and see what the survey indica...


Despite trying to be as paperless as possible I have to admit that I still printed out boarding passes on a recent trip to Portugal. I could have downloaded them to the phone and have done so in the past when travelling alone. This is just one examp...


With our software, we can produce all sorts of output – reports, accounts, tax returns, payslips, correspondence and even bills sometimes. I would hazard a guess that paper distribution is still predominant - especially in payroll departments!...


I do regular work for a particular tech website which recently suffered a problem. No names, no pack drill, we're looking at the technicalities here rather than having a gossip.

For the past couple of years this website ran from a single ser...