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Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude was at Chartered Accountants’ Hall again this morning speaking about cyber security. He was marking the 3rd anniversary of the government’s cyber security strategy at an event hosted by the Corporate Finance fac...

A couple of months ago the IT Faculty launched a specially-developed interactive training course for accountants. Developed together with BIS and the Law Society, and covering the essential elements of cyber security and where to go for help. The co...


by Leo Waldock on 30.11.2014 13:22

Regin is the latest piece of uber-malware to hit the news headlines.

I shan't bother to rehash the various commentaries but the consensus seems to be that the NSA and GCHQ are responsible, possibly with the assistance of the Israelis.



We met with the contributors to our Audit Insights: Cyber Security project yesterday to debate where the project might go next.

The latest report, launched at the end of October, highlighted a growing gap between the cyber capabilities of businesse...


I could murder a pint

by Leo Waldock on 26.11.2014 10:27
I am baffled by David Cameron and Malcolm Rifkind suggesting that Facebook should do more to monitor our message and communications to prevent terrorism. I simply cannot imagine how many hundreds or thousands of people would need to wade through mes...
Clients do some peculiar things-but I guess there are possibly some very familiar scenarios in the following that do not apply just to clients.

Disk crashes, out of date backups, emailing large files, corrupt memory sticks.....havce we seen all t...

In today’s world, every day seems like a ‘cloudy’ day. Social media, articles, video clips and other such mediums are all full of the whats and whys of the cloud.

Now we can learn the how – how we can implement the cl...


Watch out

by Leo Waldock on 12.11.2014 14:34

This Christmas I am confident we'll see the first swell of wearables as an expensive stocking filler.

I am talking about the likes of the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch that cost £160-£170 or the slightly more expensive Motorola Moto 360 ...


Hard drive resurrection

by Leo Waldock on 11.11.2014 22:33

Last week I was a sad sight, all weepy and pathetic as my sick hard drive was couriered off to Amsterdam.

And now I have it back.

Or rather, I have my data back, which is the thing that really matters.

Seagate Recovery Services revi...


81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses - that was the percentage of businesses which suffered an information security breach according to the last BIS Information Security Breaches survey, published in May 2014. Have those numbers gone ...