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Lenovo Superfish rootkit

by Leo Waldock on 21.02.2015 17:58

Lenovo, the owner of the ThinkPad laptop brand has done something incredibly stupid.

Between September and December 2014 Lenovo thought it would be a jolly fine idea to install a rootkit on a long list of Flex, Touch and Yoga consumer laptop...

Personally I cannot stand voice control, however i am certain it is the way of the future and something we cannot avoid. For the time being I shall resist the temptation to shout 'TV, change to BBC1' or 'Siri, find me an Indian takeaway' but no doub...

It is that time of year when those in general practice and personal tax in particular put down the pens (well push away the keyboard) and thoughts can turn to other things.

What IT helped you get through January.....?


iPhone sales

by Leo Waldock on 28.01.2015 22:13
Apple's sales figures for iPhone are truly eye-watering - I mean, US$75 billion sales in one quarter and net profit of US$18 billion? Wow.
And yet, that isn't the most amazing number that Apple produced.
Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the fin...

Windows 10

by Leo Waldock on 26.01.2015 22:45

If you fancy taking a look at Windows 10 you can download a preview copy from Microsoft here:

The latest version of the preview is Windows 10 Build 9926 and we currently expect the finished software to be released late in 2015. Pricing is un...

In a week that has seen cyber issues dominating the headlines and David Cameron noting that cyber-attacks were "one of the big modern threats that we face” as he met with President Obama in Washington to discuss joint cyber-attack war games, the gov...

That is the key question in the 2nd part of the 2015 Information Security Breach survey, run by PwC on behalf of BIS, which has now opened. It also looks at emerging trends and your response to those, and we encourage members to complete it where po...


The lessons of 2014

by Leo Waldock on 15.01.2015 08:12
More accurately 'What Leo learned in 2014'.

1) The differences between Mac and Windows become trivial as we move to web sites, web services and web everything. The emphasis is on your browser and whether or not you need plug-ins for Flash, Acroba...

Tapsnake scareware

by Leo Waldock on 08.01.2015 09:31

2015 has started with an annoyance.

Yesterday my wife waved her Google Nexus 5 at me and showed me a screen warning about a malware infection called Tapsnake. There was a single option for 'OK' to allegedly clear the infection.


I knew it ...


Sony Pictures in turmoil

by Leo Waldock on 19.12.2014 16:52

You have to assume that Sony Pictures thought it was safe to make a comedy about North Korea.

Unfortunately, it seems, the North Koreans don't have a sense of humour when foreigners poke fun at their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, especially wh...