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I do regular work for a particular tech website which recently suffered a problem. No names, no pack drill, we're looking at the technicalities here rather than having a gossip.

For the past couple of years this website ran from a single ser...


Facebook funds

by Leo Waldock on 20.03.2015 23:00

This is quite possibly the worst idea ever.

Facebook has announced it is rolling out a payment system in the USA for Android, iOS and desktop whereby you can transfer money to your chat friends.

Open the messenger, click on someone in you...


No more passwords for Yahoo!

by Rob Watson on 18.03.2015 16:31
Interesting article on Yahoo who have started giving the option to logn to your email without using the normal username/password combination. Instead of a fixed password you have to create and remember, they text you a 4-character one time password ...

POODLE stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption and affects secure connections via your browser to websites that use SSL3.0

The problem is that SSL3.0 is rather old (it has passed its 18th birthday) and while it has been surp...

The 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey is coming to a close next week on Friday 20th March. BIS and PwC are making one last push for anyone that hasn't completed the survey yet to do so. In the past ICAEW members have provided good support to...

Android keyboard for Excel

by Leo Waldock on 01.03.2015 15:16
Microsoft has a Skunkworks called Garage that works on interesting side projects, including a game called Nova Bacon. However you sober, wise, hard-working accountants will probably be more interest in an Android keyboard (tablets only, not for phon...

Lenovo Superfish rootkit

by Leo Waldock on 21.02.2015 17:58

Lenovo, the owner of the ThinkPad laptop brand has done something incredibly stupid.

Between September and December 2014 Lenovo thought it would be a jolly fine idea to install a rootkit on a long list of Flex, Touch and Yoga consumer laptop...

Personally I cannot stand voice control, however i am certain it is the way of the future and something we cannot avoid. For the time being I shall resist the temptation to shout 'TV, change to BBC1' or 'Siri, find me an Indian takeaway' but no doub...

It is that time of year when those in general practice and personal tax in particular put down the pens (well push away the keyboard) and thoughts can turn to other things.

What IT helped you get through January.....?


iPhone sales

by Leo Waldock on 28.01.2015 22:13
Apple's sales figures for iPhone are truly eye-watering - I mean, US$75 billion sales in one quarter and net profit of US$18 billion? Wow.
And yet, that isn't the most amazing number that Apple produced.
Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the fin...