We launched the new Excel Community on 29 June and to celebrate this launch we’ve decided to hold a competition on making better use of Excel.


In order to be in with a chance to win, share with us your favourite tip that you’ve foun...

Last week I was in and out of Chartered Accountants' Hall like a yo-yo on the Monday. One of my objectives was to get some video footage of John Pearce, head of digital communications at ICAEW

I wanted to explore what these communities are about because it isn't always obvious, what the Institute's strategy is behind it and an update on how they're doing.

In this 6 minute video, John provides candid answers to a range of questions on the topic. La...

This comment from John Ball in my post: What is your social quotient has had me thinking on and off for a while:

But you're all talking like accountants - what about the intellectual stimulation of a robust exchange of views/knowledge on a subject you care about (or just are interested in). Unfortunately, it appears from the number of views compared to the number of comments on these pages, that the majority of people (including myself up to .....

One of the enduring memories from Enterprise 2.0 was an 'unconference' discussion about barriers to community adoption. It was a lively debate with exceptional input from people with a wide variety of backgrounds.

My curmudgeonly two penn'orth: "When I see oil's hitting $140 a barrel and my transportation and logistics costs are spiraling out of control, why the heck should I be bothering to invest in building your social community? I want a bot....


If the CIA gets it...

by Dennis Howlett on 11.06.2008 17:32
Today I listened to a group of community builders talking about the things they've needed to do in order to successfully build communities. The most startling presentation came from the CIA.

I can't think of a more top down command and control institution yet this organization is successfully building out communities that collaborate across a variety of topics. What it took was the will of a few individuals who see the value of shared information...


Giving a face to a name

by Stuart G Hall on 08.04.2008 05:42
It would be great if members of this community would add their photo to their profile, it helps to give a face to a name.

See for help on how to upload your pic.

PS: In case anyone's wondering about my own picture, it was taken in Sao Paulo in 2006. ...
Tipping up at Moorgate Place I was reminded of the ICAEW's history. Nothing much had changed in the years since I had last been there, which must have been at least 20 years prior. To me it was a place locked in a time capsule of tradition.

Imagine my surprise when we were taken up a few floors to the operational offices. A whole new world decked out as you'd expect in any other modern office.

The discussion got under way and for the most ...
Umair Haque has a very interesting take on what he calls 'the TechCrunch Effect' where he argues that:

Without investing in the community - instead of just endlessly playing the community against itself - further growth (real growth, not just beta) is going to be more and more costly.

I'm gonna call this set of dynamics the TechCrunch Effect. It's the opposite of building a community. Instead of making a set of people with similar interests b...