Last week Nominet announced a consultation on a new domain service called direct.uk. This would allow businesses to have a shorter UK-based domain name eg company.uk instead of company.co.uk. Nominet say:

"Proposed key features include; verificatio...


You may recall from a while back I was suspicious of Googles motives with the way the search engine effectively overrides the Domain Name System (DNS) when deciding how to respond to searches on a specific domain name. I'm now even more sure of my c...

To return to the topic of a previous post about people's search habits I've had a very real confirmation of Jemima's assumption r

New top level domain names

by Rob Watson on 03.07.2008 06:53
Just wondering what the general opinion is here on ICANN opening up the top level domain names? Is it a long overdue deregulation or a recipe for confusion? How will it impact your business - will SMEs be forced to stump up ever increasing percentage of their budgets buying up second level domains from dodgy cybersquatters after a quick buck? Will the big boys be willing to pay millions for .PwC .KPMG etc?  Do you foresee more legal actions...

Taking the IPs

by Leo Waldock on 21.04.2008 17:01

This is fundamental stuff but the Internet and the World Wide Web are not one and the same thing. The Internet is a clever network of computers and fibre optic cable that criss-crosses the globe and the World Wide Web are the websites that sit on top of the Internet with hyperlinks that take you from one page to another.

The problem is that computers and servers use IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to identify the location of websit...