iPhone sales

by Leo Waldock on 28.01.2015 22:13
Apple's sales figures for iPhone are truly eye-watering - I mean, US$75 billion sales in one quarter and net profit of US$18 billion? Wow.
And yet, that isn't the most amazing number that Apple produced.
Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the fin...

The definition of a mobile app according to Wikipedia is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

Depending where you look and how up to date the information is, but my research indicated over 7...


I fully accept that Amazon and eBay know a huge amount about me and while I may not like the fact, there is little that can be done.

It is a similar story with the household Nectar card which proves beyond doubt that we prefer baguette to sli...


Honestly, I have never written such a daft sentence as 'iOS 7 does not waterproof your iPhone' however there is a first time for everything.

A spoof Apple advert has circulated that claims that iOS 7 will activate a switch in your iPhone 5 th...



by Leo Waldock on 01.07.2013 12:23

I have vaguely heard of Snapchat in the past few months however the details were lost on me. This iPhone and Android app is used to send self-destructing messages from phone to phone, which sounds like a curious idea. Surely we all keep an archi...


Kill that stolen phone

by Leo Waldock on 21.06.2013 18:03

When Apple told the world about iOS 7 a feature called Activation Lock caught my attention.

We know a fair amount about iOS 7


however the software won't be available for a while as it is 'Coming this Fall'.....


How does your business receive money? How do your clients receive funds in respect of sales made?

Make it easy for people to pay offer as many ways as possible. Credit cards are becoming more and more prevalent. Do you take cards in your pr...


Some of us just don't switch off totally - there are still things happening back at the office. Emails pile up daily and post still comes through the door. So even when abroad, how many of you do still maintain contact? And how do you do it?

Have you seen those oh-so-cool people who pay for their Starbucks coffee by waving their mobile phone around near the till?

That is NFC (Near Field Communication) working its magic.

Or rather, considering you have used NFC in your Oyster card...
Ford Motor Company has come up with a neat way to manage all your web passwords. Or rather, Ford has come up with a video that claims it has invented a neat way etc. etc.

The idea, as you'll see from the video, is called Ford Keyfree Login althou...